Question. Why do we talk out loud when we’re alone.
Conjunction. Bcoz we’re not.

Except in those moments when we choose to spwak aloud.

Im sorry. I didnt mentiion your 23 wells !
Dont you worry – He’ll probably dig for ut.

So dont think anything dirtu. Why ? it mught end up on all the screens.

Freaking hell his face makes it even scarier.

Lovely view out this window. Yeah, come & see all the dark.

Damnit! I wanted

Ia that what I look like from the back ?
Its fine.
I waa thinking it was good.

Im worried it wants to go siolo.

Whats wrong with your facw ? Its all eyes. Get that under control.

You didnt look like you believed it.
Thats just my face, when he talks.

Do ypu have your own mood lighting now ? Bcoz frankly the accent is enough.

Did we come to thr end of the universe bxoz of a nursery rhyme.

You say ‘probably’ a lot.

She came back to the Doctor’s past !!!

Omg!! He goes back to that barn !

Crap! The end nearly got me in tears :’)

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