Inspectors & Buses


Knew this had to happen one day 😛 I’m just born a rebel ¬_¬ No jk I’m messing. But ugh! I got late for class coz of that though.Well basically what happened was I used a 16-18 card last year right, so I didn’t have to pay adult fare although I’m 18. And child fare actually ends at 15 😛
But anyways this year I can’t use that coz I’mma be 19 soon :O

So ticket inspector got on our bus. Class had already started but I coulda just made it. He asked me my age. I told a fib 😦 But I told him the truth when he took me off to speak to me. Its like, all my life I get told off. Even at this age ! By a bloody inspector ! Not even my teacher or something. Embarrassing if I think about it now :/

So I got really late. I think I got fined aswell :/ I’m not sure coz I haven’t checked the paper he gave to me.

Oooohhh Well 😛 !!

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