Into The Dalek


Her brother is called Kai!!!! Squeals.

You’d starve to death trying to find the light switch

Its smaller on the outside. Its more exciting if you go the other way.

You don’t need to be liked. You’ve got all the guns.

You sent me for coffee. Three weeks ago, in Glasgow.

A good Dalek ?!

You’re not my boss. You’re one of my hobbies.
Yeah my carer. She cares so I don’t have to.

Welcome to the most dangerous place in the universe.
He’ll get out of here. Hardest part is not killing him before he does.

I was wrong. Its worse than that

Resistance is futile.
Its the crack!!
The malfunction is corrected. Not a good sign dude

Clara Oswald, do I really not pay you ? You couldn’t afford me.

Gretchen Allison Carlisle. Do something good & name it after me.
I’ll do something amazing. I promise.

Hello. I’m Missy. Welcome to heaven.

I see …. Hatred. No. Theremustbe more than that. Omg!! His evil is coming out.
You looked inside me & you saw hatred. That isn’t victory. Victory would’ve been a good dalek.
I am not a good dalek. You… Are a good dalek.

Short & roundish. But with a good personality, which is important.
I … Meant my clothes. I just changed.

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