Doctoe Who


Your … Of biology troubles me.

Well, then here we go again.

The song has changwd so much !!

Finally, Someone who can talk properly.

I love monkrys, they are so funny.

May I take your clothes. Probably not.

Wgat is it then ? The government.

The oldest reason there is for anything … To be accrpted.

Muscular young men … Doing sport. Is that sport

Its covered in lines. But I didnt do the frowning
But its fresh on.

I dont like it. Like what ? Your face. Well I dobt like it either.

You dont have to flirt with me. We’re already married.

Nothing is more important than my egomania.
You just said it.
You never mention that again

Sorry too slow. No point in them catching us both.
How COULD you ?!

Threats dobt wirk unless you deliver.
Never start with your final sanction. You only end up going backwards.

You never stood a chance sir.
You cant control a control freak.

I hate being wrong in public. Everyone forget that happened.

Why cant you stay dead, coward ?

You are a broom.

I can store oxygen in my lungs. Share with me.

Give him hell. He’ll always need it.
You’ve Redecorated. I dont like it.

Clara im not your bofriend.
I never thought you were.
I never said it was your mistake.

Please tell me i didnt get old. Anything but old.

Clara, please, eh, for me, help him.
Goodbye clara. Miss you.

You cant see me can you. You looj at me but you dont see me. Plz. just see me.

I … I dont think im a hugging person.


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