Towards Tomorrow


Bitch you actually jealous Seok Hyeon might be interested in her ?

Why’s EVERYONE telling her to back off from Director Seok Hyeon ?!

Did someone make you the lead actress ?
Is stage fright some kind of incurable disease ?

Ah she fucked up >< *cringe*
Its like being behind enemy lines by yourself.

He has it hard enough without you 😉 Sorry my dirty mind
And Lee Shin ? Even if somebody gives me, I wont take him.

Aah my Joon Hee’s song ^_~ its for Hee Joo isn’t it ??
That drum he’s playin though ^^

How the fuck did the dumb bitch get locked in ?!??!

Its so cute that she talks to her dad all the time ^^
even him

I HAVE to know how Ji Yeong knows Gyu Won’s appa !!

The friend’s gf he stole is Shin’s mom right ? Who’s the friend though ??

You & your 20 cents.
That smirk

Is it bcoz of Gyu Won unnie ?
No way. Is that what it is ?
Their expressions though 😀

Fight. Fight. Catfiight !!

Director Im is quite forceful with the dinner date. His name’s Tae Joon actually.

Lolz. Both Shin & Yoon Soo watching the director with Gyu Won 😛

So you had a disagreement ? And broke Gi Yeong’s foot ? >raised brow<

Shes changed to a short skirt 🙂
Aww the coffee ^^ she left for him

Can you spare a few minutes ? >for you ? Always<
If Lee Shin is not there, there is no fun ?

This … Someone spat in it, so don’t drink it. /Takes a sip himself/

Always dissing her skills & teaching.

The guys told me you would be sleeping here. Reminds me of Ji Hoo.

Seok Hyeon enthusiastically waving.

I wasn’t going to use this method.
Since she’s your slave, convince her well. >HOW did he know about that ?!< She wants him to try convincing her.

There’s someone I want to see.

Even if its by force, I’m going to put you on stage.

Fuckin scared her ;D outside his office. Lol
She didn’t listen when I told her.

I’m asking just in case. Are you jealous of Lee Gyu Won ?
Don’t be so obvious. It doesn’t look good. Every time.

Gyu Won stole her practice place 😛 What is Hee Joo doing though ??? Staring at what ?!

What ? Is it Yoon Soo’s bday or something ?! Both bought her jewelry.

Ugh ! She learnt the fuckin splits :O !!

Well she was a bit dreamy on that bike ;P Awks

Well. Uh. Did the Director see that too ? Idk why but Shin & Yoon Soo gross me out. But the idea of Seok Hyeon & Gyu Won doesn’t. Maybe coz all the guys tend to look younger than they are. And the girls tend to look a tad more mature …

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