That Is My World


I wanna lose ! At least be his shoe.

I think you fractured my rib. Is your head made of stone or something?

You look upset. Do you want to eat ?
Soo cute how anyone who buys him food becomes Hyung ^_~

But I really am the drummer. Aw my cutie ^^ But who IS that girl though ?

Its like war ! Lolz love it 😀

I need to know about Yoon Soo & Broadway guy’s history. Can already tell she’s like some bitch ex who’s back in his life. Maybe not for revenge like in Secret Garden though.

Sneaky guy. He couldn’t find his own slave so he’s taking mine. Lol !!

That’s why i was hiding. Bcoz you told me not to appear in front of you again. ^^

Yes. I saw you fart & then blow it away. Omg lol !! I pretty much died at that xD

Aww she just left. My poor Hyukkie 😦

The bathroom girls, the middle ones voice makes me sick.

Why does Joon Hee call girls Unni ? He’s menna say Noona. He’s a guy damnit !

The guitarist with the bangs almost covering his face reminds me of someone.

If we lose, we’re going to become outcasts.

What’s Anemone ??
Her with her army. And him & his band.

I guess she’s the one Seok Hyeon is interested in.
Tore the fuckin string :O

This is the first time I heard something like this. I think I’m falling in love.
We can let you hear it every day.

I get the feeling I’ve seen this before.
This handsome boy … How is it possible ?
Lol. Yes. He’s the hobo from the cafeteria 😛
That smile he does after Gyu Won paid ^^

Did that gross old lady just ask him out ?! Omg !! You are waayy too old for him woman.

He’s dating a minor !! Lolol that’s his sis girls 😀

Steam is coming out of your nostrils.

Could it be that a quiet personality is genetic ?

Lee Hyun Soo’s wife. Ji Yeong she is. That’s the mom he lives with right ? Is it his real mom. Is that Gyu Won’s dad she’s talking on the phone to ?!

I’m getting sick of Gyu Won’s skirts

He knows he’s seeing his dad. I can just tell.
Oh ! His other wife was there.

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