Is it broken ? Why is it like this ?
This is my first time being jealous of a younger guy.

He’s so perf. He was actually gonna turn up. Bitch you got caught. He can see you through the window ….

Now its Seok Hyeon & Gyu Won’s turn to watch.
Omo ! You just shattered him.
Not once did I waver. Even a little. It’s the truth.

Well … You ain’t his slave no more. Didn’t expect it to hurt did you ?

Eat & sleep on the stage. Daamn.

Kim Seok Hyeon, are you jealous of Shin ? Yes. I’m jealous. Coz jealousy does look good on you.

Do you guys not have pride ?
Yes. We don’t.
What pride ?

She still brings him coffee ? Or is that from last time ??
I wanna know what the note on her forehead said :((
Awwee !! He left her one too ^^

Drag Joon Hee off. To give them privacy 😛

Aand we’re back. Lee Gyu Won, you really don’t have pride. Bcoz of one coffee drink, you become his slave again. Lolz ! Hurt her hand on the drum set.

Does Hee Joo like Gi Yeong?? Its becoming a fuckin web now, not even a square, or a pentagon.

Omo ! Watching him reach for that. I was scared he might slip. Then Su Myun watching.

Gyu Won watching Shin get rejected.

Yoon Soo was basically another Hee Joo

Omg ! The guy in the bar is Seok Hyeon’s mate from the flashback !! He’s Madame Goo !!!!!! I thought that was a damn woman !

Omo ! I feel embarrassed for her coz of gramps. The other one being Shin ? He’s moving next door to her !! 😀

How her & Shin stand close, with Hee Joo a lil off.

Time for Yoon Soo & Seok Hyeon to begin makeup-breakup.

Again ! All four of them.
She shoulda just denied liking him.

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