Today … I met my father. I just … Wanted to tell someone. Knew it ! Knew it ! He wasn’t in the dark about that 😀

So Yoon Soo had an accident which killed her career ? Explains her dancing & constant stumbling in the dark then. Plus the reason she became a choreographer.

Omo ! The letters were frikkin hilarious !! Did she write them both or … ?

Lolz. Random moment where the lights go off 😛

Whats Iraiza ??? She called Hee Joo that.

Who’s Gi Yeong ??

You want to eat with me ? You want to go out with me ? Gosh he’s so damn cute getting excited !

His lil poem for her ^^ You fuckin cutie.
But seriously though, who is Natasha ?? :/

That random scream when Joon Hee’s bored.
You spat on me ! HEYY !!!!
You cant cause any trouble. Hes like their baby ^^

Did you, by chance, hurt your head ? /feels himself/ I didn’t get hurt

To the people who know how to have fun … We are the nations champions ! I bloody adored this part ^_^

Lee Soo Myun ! That Ha Rim’s name in this 🙂
If you caught on then … Lets go in quickly.
Hyeon Gi Yeong. Omlg is it his brother or something ?! Nap it cant be. He is Kim Seok Hyeon. Lolz forgot ;P

Awwweeeee !!!!! Their music got to him ^^ i’m gushing over the cute of this !!! He’s getting rid of his stage fright.

I’m so touched I’m about to cry. Yes. I feel like that atm. But your face really shows it, doesn’t it ? 😉

Hee Joo looks so grossed out in that hospital bed.

Ey ! Dont tell my bby to go die 😦

Have you ever injured your head ?
I’m really good at running. Even when I run 100m, I don’t lose my breath. Only when I see unnie I lose my breath. This is Love !

Ah, in a little bit, watch out for a guy who doesn’t look like he has much (in the head). The last drummer looks like Onew sometimes.
That person is very cute. But, is a bit crazy. Yess …. But that makes him cuter 😛

Lolz. Passing the candle job on 😀 He’s called Narcissistic Prince on her phone xD
Why are you still alive? Didn’t I tell you to die ? Omg!! What a greeting ! But his reply is even better. I’ll die a bit later, lets go unnie.

You crazy person. >only for you<
What the baloney is going on right now ? I don’t know either.

Its love. >yes it is 😉<

Yahoo! Hee Joo unnie ate my choco bar ! You fuckin cutie. I cant get enuff of him. Thank You !!

Before you graduate, the least you could do is receive some lines. Oof~ That bad girl. What a diss ;P

I washed it last month. Lol !
That fox is flirting with my Joon! Bbygal he was neva yours ;*
Does that look like flirting in your eyes ? Of course. >TALKING to my bby is already flirting<

And he fuckin gonna stay coz of her !!

Aand we have a love pentagon ! Way to go ~

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