An Unexpected Meeting With You


The Stupid 😀 I just love that name !

I swear Lee Gyu Won looks so much like Eun Chan !!! I’m just so freaked atm that it isn’t actually her 😮 !

Ha Rim from CP ! I literally squealed when I saw him.

I don’t like ugly girls.

You spent the money you got last night ?
Aah Minhyuk is sho cyute in this ^^ !!!

Damn ! I knew it’s somehow turn embarrassing if she chased him with that package. Looked painful though

How on earth does Lee Shin know that dancer/ballet lady ?? Yoon Soo ?

That girl looked like Lee Hi to me ^^ Minhyukkie’s in love ! Well its Joon Hee

The way they’re like “Did they buy you food ?” and he’s all “Am i really like that ?

Explains why he hates all those girls so much. He’s got his eyes on someone.

As I thought. You’re strong. Strong as a general.

So his sister was sick. Knew he’d somehow end up disappointing her. Isn’t that the usual first impression ?
I liked how at the start she made him say Happy Birthday to a random girl & got money for it. I thought he’d say no, till I realized she was his sis.

Aww. She passed away. Prof. Kim Jae Won 😦

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