Sti: Someone wants you dead dude. Badly.

Sti: No. No of course we have to tell him.

S: So we should give Derek his money back, and not Peter ? Sti: I didn’t say that.

Hmm, on the one hand, can’t they use a lil to solve their money problems ? Then I remember it’s not assassin money, it’s actually the Hale’s so they gotta give it back. But honestly though, why the fuck has everyone just gone poor all of a sudden ?! I hope we get answers soon.

Sti: Well. M: What ? Sti: Its doing well, not good.
Lol. They still gotta live with tests & exams.

I love that Lydia’s mom didn’t just leave it. Like I hate when they have those dumb people who are like, it’s no big deal. She’s not even like the other parents, as in she’s not in the know like them.

K: Nope. Never been under his bed. Or in it. Just on it. With clothes on.

Plus, how the fuck was Meredith in an old picture in the Martin’s lake house ??

Progress. Its progress

So breathing the dust of the mushroom things cured them ? What about Liam though. He didn’t get infected right ? Coz he’s not taking the exams with them.

Lol Malia thinks they hid the fact that she’s on the list 🙂 Okay, whatever floats your boat. But uhh now that she knows …. I feel sorry for her coz thats gotta hurt. She did trust Stiles a lot. ? But a teeny bit of me is glad. I know, I’m evil. But we can ease up on the cutesy now. I’m sorry, I’m just bitter coz Sterek

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