Tae Min


Firstly, I can’t believe he’s in the US atm. I hate the idea of him celebrating his bday without his hyungs around 😦 Makes me so sad.

But on the other hand, can’t wait for my bby Tae to make his solo debut. Soo excited for that. Anticipating that so bad ^^

But my bby doesn’t speak English that well :/ Hope he’s okay over there. I know it hardly makes a difference to me, all the way over here, whether he’s in South Korea or the US. But I myself don’t understand it either so ….

Now that he’s 21, hopefully they take his cross dressing down a notch. Obviously he’ll always be our cute little maknae, who’s prettier than any girl out there. But we don’t need to dress him as one to know that. He’s all grown up now ^_^

Hurry back Tae, we miss you b0c

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