There’s not a single thing you like about her ?! You liked her when she was a ‘guy’ Mr Hong telling that she’s a good person 🙂

Sun Ki singing xD And omo ! He’s soo cute. Going over to decorate the kids room. Ha Rim, help you get to second base 😛

Lolz. Her legs arw too short.
She knows what

Go to your bro for help 🙂 He couldn’t care less. He’s too fuckin happy about his baby Where’s the baby ? Lmao !!

His mom is really’ nice 😀

Aww. Thats the cutest thing she ever did. She proposed to him ^^ ! Omo ! Calls Han Kyul to brag.

Waits for her to get it.
Was tjat a proposal
Ohmagawd ! They are soo cute.

His daydream ^^

Those two when he proposed. So embarrasing lol.
Oh I forgot. You’re annoying.
Aww. He fell.

Lol. Tries to carry Grandma

The way he made her sound soo … Whilst telling the truth 😀 Do you want me to come with one beforehand like Han Sung ?

Wedding ! Han Sung’s soo happy xD
Shite. Grandma had a heart attack ?


Ohh she wasnt at the wedding.

True say Sun Ki. Did you want him to ask you ?
Noo ! Yuko left 😥

So … He actually understands her reasons very well 🙂
Yay ! Grandma’s been won over 🙂

Eun Sae going over to meet her bro-in-law & sort shit out
Awwww Min Yup soo cute when Eun Sae bitch finally gave in ^^

Crap ! She gone go abroad ? Granny taken over

Gosh ! This is making me blush ^^

Cant believe the bitch pulled an all-nughter & drank. She needs to grow the fuck up.

Lucky you ! To the doll.
All we ever do is kiss ! Lol.

You scarred my heart that one time.

She’s playing him !

Lolol ! She turns up at night so fuckin hyped. We know what you’re here for 😉 He’s so cute omg ! Looks so scared. My baby

K. Finally ^^


Last ep of this awesome

Ohh we get to see it again ;P

Oh Lord. Wow. Crap.

Fell out of bed. Pmg ! Awkward morning after.

He problii woulda found you with anoyltha man if he went to you in Paris

Your Byul was glowing too

Lol at the shoes he left there.

Phone was on all night ^^ And he woke her up with a song

Min Yup is so cute. He went out & cried.
Aww. Her & Sun Ki have a nice friendship. They even have a special handshake. Ha Rim ! Huuuggg
He couldn’t even look at her

Daamn bitch … Collapsed. What happened ?

Dont eat everything you see.

D’awww 😥 Everybody crying. No one went to see her off


She’s stronger than two men put together.
You should drag her back if she refuses.

Ninja with gold shoes

It was nice knowiing you.

The fuck happened to Ha Rim ?!

Happy Sun Ki got someone too. But shouldn’t the girl work in Coffee’Princess’ ??

When Sun Ki hugged her. Then Mun Yup jumped on. Ha Rim gettibg all weird about it 😀 Then they carried her off, with Han Kyul running after them

Loved this drama ^^ ❤

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