Coffee Prince


Coffee Prince

Taekwondo teacher. The kids are soo cute
Why does the girl, Eun Sae, call her oppa. Is it her sister ?

Han Kyul. Damn ! He’s cute.
He flirts with his Grandms man

Han Yoo Joo

Ssulja’s owner. Han Sung

Who you calling gay ?
Turn around slowly. Lol.

han Sungs so cute. I like it coz he’s such a cyute friend to her. Min Yup is just total idiot. It’s cute.


Sun Ki is fuckin gorgeous ! Omg I cant !!

I cant take all this gorgeous !!

She looks so awks as a total girl. But her crying over him, ouch !


Yoo Joo’s such a bitch.


That Oh Fuck face ! xD

All of them picking pn him coz of Eun Chan.
Doing the bang blowing. Even got Sun Ki in on it.
Ha Rim continuously saying he misses his Chan

Watching her eat

Lol ! Caught by Min Yup


Pmg lol ! She’s teasing him

3 timing bitch !!

Crap ! He kissed her. Yoo Joo pops out at the right time.

Omo ! Knew it’d be summat like that.
Stay by his side. Even as a brother.


Thar bitch has NO right to be jealous !

Sun Ki, the little blackmailing bastard, I thought he’d tell Ha Rim.

Ha Rim & Sun Ki dancing 😛 Oh wow ! So wierd seeing Sun Ki join in.

So Sun Ki’s after his kid ? Omo it was sho cyute when Min Yup cried when he overheard him with that woman.

It’s better for you to be the bad guy.
What’s tgat mean ?!

He looks so frightened when she’s driving.
Lol at when he tried to scare her & got scared himself

Brothers can hold hands
Brothers can do this right ? All thw smiles 😀

You gone fire him ! Coz his presence questions your sexuality

I really dont like you.
Why ? Because you love me ?


Ohh … She wasnt talkin to both. Awkward

Lets just forget about it.
Lets pretend we forgot. Why ?
So that we can be friends again.

Ha Rim, he’s got me. I dont know what to do.
Tgey both had tears

Ha Rim bashibg tgat thing on his head xD Sun Ki with the big bottle.

Omg ! Wow ! Sun Ki dancing ^o^

I dont exacrly know what this is, but I like watching you smile & cry Their pinky promise ^^

Goes to Han Kyul. Calls Han Sung. Fuckin bitch !

You seem to get along well with guys

Men dont walk like this.

Who are you ? The cook. How are you ? Four

Randomly tying her apron.
Shoves Min Yup off, I want to see too

The fuck is this new guy ?!

Fuckin slut ! You wanna start over with DK

It’s supposed to be a secret.
Carries him off

Shit ! Shit no ! Ha Rim’s gonna tell. Duh. He’s the best friend. Lock him in a room. Lolz, they can carry him around coz he’s compact


I thought my heart was about to burst.

Noo ! If you tell him everything will go back to how it was.

Ohh. I feel so sorry for him right now. She’s gonna walk in dressed like that, while Han Kyul id so happy to see ‘him’

What happened to’My Chan’, now that you know she’s a girl ?

But he waited ! Three years !!
Yes ! Exactly what you said. Dont go talking about doing what his heart wants 😡

Thank God ! Let my breath out when I saw her in her uniform. I dont want him to find out yet :(((

Make me feel better.

That was a shitty way to find out 😦

Bitch ! What is this ? Reunion for the exes
I dont want him to like some other girl. Whilat you like ‘two’ other guys :(((((

She’s soo selfish !! You cant trust him anymore coz he stopped putting you before the whole fuckin world

Whats wrong with this neighborhood ? Everyone here’s a romantic

Just saying. Han Kyul’s mom is gorgeous ^^


You dont know how happy I was when he didnt get her at the airport 😀 He deserves so much better. Plus he’s got his Terry ^^ It was so weird to see him screaming aswell

When the gorgeous japanese guy gets involved. Shit just got serious ~_~ Just comes along to add his twopence, then pops off.

No ! He’s basically implying that he’ll willingly take her back again.

Sun Ki is so cute when he joins in with them. But them lot teasing her xD Lol. Sun Ki’s lil smile when Han Kyul smiled after the text.

Sun Ki thinking about if she saw his ‘package’ 😛

Showing off that she’s a ‘girl’


Urgh ! She came back !!

Lol at their male chivalry

Please dont tell him what han sung told you not to 😦

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