No Breathing ’13


The special reason I decided to watch this movie 🙂 I came across these last night.

Behind the scenes. And also from the beginning of the movie. Well, close enough to the beginning …



Lol. He freakin crunched on Won il’s hand when he walked in

Woo Sang & Won Il checking each other put in the showers 😛

Well, it wasn’t what I expected. But it wasn’t a fail either.
I liked Won Il’s character. Such a cutie, totally carefree. And the way he eats.

But he did show determination when it mattered to him. But it’s a bit cliché. They try hard when there’s a bet on the table. And a girl at that.

I was wondering why he was so happy, running through the woods with that lil bag. Then after he saw Woo Sang giving her a present I was like ‘Ohhh you poor thing’. I think Woo Sang actually saw him too.

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