P: The table’s Italian. B: So are these boots.

Okay. Malia is hella cute in Math. The way she saw the question on the board and just Nope walked right back out.

S: Maybe I should text her. Sti: No. Just no with the texts.

Sti: Is he even human ? What is he, like a were-cheetah. Does that even exist ? Is that a thing ? S: Maybe he’s just that good. Sti: I wanna puke. Take me somewhere.

Sti: Maybe he’s perfect at everything. I hate this kid.

K: Isn’t the captain supposed to be one of the best players on the team ? Or good ?

Sti: Dude, what is going on with you ? S: I don’t know. I’m having a really off-day. Stp: Off-day ? You were dying out there. I feel actual physical pain watching you.

Coach: That’s my boy ! Those two are like sons to me.

M: Ten bucks on scott & stiles. C: I’ll take that action.

C: Someone ask her if she’s ever played lacrosse !

That whole lacrosse practise was a load of laughs for me. Omg ^_^ :D

The true nature ofsomeone is reflected in their eyes.

L: Don’t tell me you believe in all that. Par: I’d like to say I don’t believe in anything. But I keep an open mind.

I wanted Scott and Kira to talk about her joining the team. S: You know what, I’mnot sorry. #SoNotChaste That hashtag got me though

Omg ! Those are Stiles’ colours :O Ok they are kinda cute together, gotta admit

So that nurse is Liam’s step father ??

Okay. Everytime Braeden goes anywhere near Derek. Or he makes eye contact with her. I just tense up all over. Can’t a hot guy just stay single without all the girls jumping him ?!

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