So freakin offended about what happened in class today …

Basically in Chem J took us to my Physics teach to participate in an experiment & get our pics taken. She never even told us beforehand (!) Just volunteered our services & told us right before we went, Oh well …

Anyways the point is, whilst the main one was going on. I was doing a separate one on the side with YLT. He was the one leading it, plus I’m one of his students unlike the majority who were chem students. The one I was doing turned out to be better than theirs, so the photographer decided to take pics of mine instead. But chucked me off !!

How fuckin rude ! I was doing that ! And he just put someone else there !

What a way to let someone know they’re not photogenic (is that term even correct in this context ?) !

I was so angry after that. But thankfully didn’t create a scene

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