From a Cradle to a Grave


That little imagination thing. Where she wrote that letter. And Klaus kinda being flirty 330 Se’cute. And feeling the baby, awww I’ve never seen him like that. It was such a beautiful scene.

A safe home. Someone to tell you that they love you, every single day. and someone to fight for you, no matter what. In other words, a family. So there you go baby girl, the rest we’re gonna have to figure out together. I love you. Your mom. 

Josh: Unless I’m hallucinating you standing in the middle of the street & chanting for no reason. Wait, am I ?

J: Ookay. I am hallucinating. 

Klaus screaming threats as he struggles uselessly.  They fuckin killed Hailey !! Klaus actually cried 33a She only held her baby for a second.

The way Elijah found Klaus & Hailey 3281 33a


E: They’ve fabricated some kind of illusion. K: That’s one word for it.


Elijah’s blood red tie. Is that all blood ? It’s still so weird seeing him covered in blood.

E: Do you understand I let this person in. I let her in. I don’t let people in. You knew this. You’ve taken her from me. I needed her and you’ve broken me.

K: You can tell your niece that you cared for her mother when we save her. 

Yes ! Hailey came back. 333 But she’s gonna be a hybrid now.

Michael’s back. And Diego’s really dead.

Marcel: This bite. All this. I know it didn’t come from nowhere. This is the last note. In a song that I started a century ago. When I brought your dad to town. And for that I am sorry. 

So glad ! Davina put a barrier around. I didn’t want him to kill. she’s got a lil slave now 😛

Genevieve’s death 322 It was gonna be brutal I guess, but Hayley stopped it. E: So not even death can stop my mother from seeking the annihilation of her own flesh & blood. 

Faking the baby’s death. No ! I didn’t want it to end like that. I wanted Hayley to get her wish, to be able to bring her child up.

Gang violence 😛 Pffftt ….

K: You had bared from the start. A man damaged by his demons. And those demons are not dormant, they are hell-bent on killing me. And everything I find beautiful. And you, you are beautiful. Please. Please just go.

Hope’s gone to live with her badass auntie 🙂 I’m so happy Rebekkah gets to have some form of a family to bring up.

R: Aw she looks like her mother. Maybe there is a God after all. K: Well, she has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That’s all me. 

His creepy last words to his daughter. And he gave her his childhood toy :’)

And fuckin Ester’s back in Cassie’s body

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