Choked Up


I need something big to take away all the pain I’m feeling right now.

With all the Kris & EXO.

Then Teen Wolf … Sterek … My heart is shattering !

Times like this I need someone with common interests to cry to.

I think this might be heartbreak.

But I’m not going to badmouth Kris’ decisions. When I choose to, I’ll only see the good in people.

But I swear to God, if SHINee splits coz of damn SM I will go into fuckin mourning.

I read on a thread today where people mentioned about Onew back in ’12. No, please. My life will be over 😦

I remember back when I started listening to The Wanted. And Max proposed to his girlfriend. I got all overdramatic. Thinking He’s gonna marry her. Move in with her. Leave the band. Then they’re gonna split. It almost broke my heart thinking about it.

But this is so much worse. I want EXO as all 12. And I will be even worse if it were SHINee.

I’m hanging on threads atm …

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