Day Out



Just went past a group of Korean tourists. At least I think they were. Korean I mean. Freaked out & got excited. Luckily didn’t embarrass myself though.

There’s this guy doing pencil portraits here. It’s freakin awesome ! Wow ! He’s talented. I want one, but cba sitting still for too long.


There’s this dance festival thing going on & I really wanna stay for it. But that means I gotta hang around here for another hourr. No fair !


OMG !! Squeal !! Just found out there’s gonna be a South Korean boyband there. Granted their dancers not singers. But still !! I’m so fuckin excited ! I gotta be there for deffo now.


Wow !! That was so fuckin awesome.

Both my head & heart were pounding. That’s how loud it was.

Lol. Got like 2 or 3 missed calls from my mom whilst I was there. Didn’t here shit. Didn’t even feel it vibrating. Good thing. She problii would’ve killed me if she knew where I was. I didn’t exactly say where I was going.

Not sure where all the time went though. It doesn’t even take that long to get home.

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