Last Night


It’s N‘s birthday today. So obvs we gotta go over. That’s been clarified since last week, or earlier.

As expected, last night Mom decides to reiterate this.
But surprisingly she also suggested ordering in. We all know that means our place, though the bday girl isn’t a resident. In the pretence that I’ll be too tired to leave straight after returning from college. I told her it’s fine. Coz I’ll do anything to prevent them from coming over.

Funny. Because she always expects me to go drop them off to mosque, though I just got home. Or run off to Parents’ Evening.

Original plan was to go over to their place.

Five minutes later I was in bed, someone’s car alarm started blaring. Felt like it went on forever like Lily&Robin in HIMYM, when it reality it may have been only half an hour or so. I was ready to bash the fuckin car in.
Idk how my sister fell asleep, she was awake when we both remembered HIMYM. I was like I need to get up early damnit !

So relieved when it finally turned off.

What’s the point of car alarms if you ain’t gonna react to it ? You could be robbed & you’d never know till the next morning.
Plus it disturbs people’s sleep … -_-

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