Planeterium Show


Just got back from a Planetarium show ! Like 10 minutes ago.
It was pretty awesome tbh

But now I’ve got an exam in 45 minutes. An hour after the show.
But my head is pounding ! I can’t even do last minute revision 😦 Oh well. I never had such expectations for this mock anyways. Seeing as I haven’t touched the unit since we last got taught it, which was a good month or two ago.

When I get home I’ll rant about how good it was. For now, I hated the doorway. It was like some squishy tunnel thing, where you have to go through with the walls squishing you.
I was fuckin freaked to go in, so Y held it open for me.
But coming out was ….

Yeah. Let me squeeze some revision into my pounding head.

7:05 pm 

I set off just before 2, like five minutes before. On the way, I met & when we got there we were the only two there. Well, Y was there as well. Funny thing is, he was running when I saw him, but we ended being early. Well, on time, but before the rest though.

When we went in, there was like a projection on the dome & we could see our college at the bottom. A didn’t even believe it was actually the sky above us at the exact moment.

They brought mats in for us to lie on. He didn’t even know what they were f or. Thought we’d stand throughout. After it was over, I’m like Now imagine watching all that standing. Then he just lay back down in front of me.

Me, K, H, him & K‘s mate stayed behind with Y. All the extras left, so just us classmates & her. We were just messing about & talking to the guy.

There was this cool thing Y discovered whilst talking to us. If you sit bang in the middle & talk, your voice comes from everywhere at you, but sounds normal to anyone anywhere else in the dome. So we all took turns for that. K tried to get A to sing for us from the middle. Lil shit wouldn’t do it.

He asked his legendary question; Is the matrix real ? We all collectively groaned as the guy decided to answer him.

We all got lunar calendars & solar sunglasses. You can look directly at the sun without damaging your eyes. It looks so cool 333

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