The Big Uneasy


Haven’t been able to watch all holiday 😦 Too much revision. So I’m catching up the day before college begins again.

G: Besides, I’ve made amends with your brother. Klaus’ faces 😛

K: Don’t worry, I’ll bring her home before the birth.

What dodgy thing is Klaus up to with Oliver ?
G: You’ll have your sacrifice. But I have things to do before I die.

Monique’s dress at the festival is nice. But her headpiece is Bleugh !

Josh can get a daylight ring now 🙂 !

Wooh ! Marcel. What a protest performance. At least Hayley was unharmed. Eww, Klaus. Hands ! Now she won’t help.

Elijah ! He killed Tierri ! That hurt Marcel more.

K: I suspect your feelings for Hayley have nothing to do with that allegiance.
E: No more. If I want something, I will take it. And nothing. Nothing will stand in my way.

K: Secrets are a poison. They need to be spat out. Pffft, he’s angry about her & Marcel. No ! But Caroline Pout

Tierri’s funeral 😦 But now they got more ppl in their army.

No ! Not the baby !!

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