Subconscious ?


What is it with these dreams ?

Is it my subconscious trying to tell me something ?

This time it was my teachers’ baby, one of my teachers from boarding school. I was visiting, that’s why I was back there in my dream.

So, in my dream, the kid wouldn’t talk to anyone. But he became attached to me. Only person he’d talk to. Like Lucas with Dean in Supernatural.

Then it came time for me to go home. And he’s like ‘Will you come back again tomorrow ?’ I’m like thinking Uh, my holidays are starting. Then theirs. So I won’t be back for like two weeks. Like the idiot I am, I told him I’d see him again in two weeks.

That obviously upset him. He’s clinging to me & crying. That’s how he was when I took him back to his mom, before I left.

She asked what happened & I’m like ‘It was me. I told him he won’t see me again for a few weeks.’ And it’s just like Oh … for everyone.

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