Commitment ’13


Lee Dong Hee.
He looks so fuckin innocent. And scared.
But your daddy’s just been killed.

Ehh, he’s not dead ? Still alive two years later.
Kang Tee Woo. He’s been adopted ? Isn’t 16 a bit old for that ?? How did they make him look like such a lil kid ?

He’s after his own dad :O !
Where did he learn to fight like ?
Aftereffects of killing s guy. Looks like he was Gna cry in the bathroom.

Ugh. Cant he just beat up the guys at school like that.
Top on the piano. I’m sorry. Too much.

That’s Chief Jung from BBF !!!

Now you bastards get it !! 😀
Even the teacher ! Woah ! Good reflexes. Meet me at the office later. The way he nicely gives his hand back 🙂

Yoo Jung cut her hair. She looks ‘so’ different.
Ji Hoo took Jan Di to a waterfall place like that.

Pacific Ocean. Seriously ? You did that on purpose

They killed his adoted parents.
Evil chief jung.
Microwave the knife ? What the fuck !
Oh blew the house up.

His adopted parents wre drug dealers ?
Same woman his dad went to.

Finish off watching tomorrow. Too fuckin tired. And my computer died. Well, it might as well. It’s gone so slow atm.

Pt 2

When madame Moon saw the pic of his fam, I was dying’ for her to remba his dad, the man she met two yrs ago. 

Halfway through the movie I’m still thoroughly clueless. All his leads seem to pop up out of thin air. That part needs more plot to it. 
So, his dad came back to his fam in the South. But they were actually in the North. Dong Hee & his sis wanted to cross to the South to look for their father. But now he’s in the South & wants to go back to the North where he left his sis. 
Sounds about right, right ?

Done jis last mission. Now he’s going home. Emotional 😦

All these suits are wrecking my brain. 

I fuckin ‘died’ when that guy tried to stab him. 
Madame Moon. Holding a man hostage. They shot her D: 
Who’s Lee Min Hyong ?
He went to ‘her’. 🙂 Now Yoo Jung knows too. 

Someone PLZ explain everything. 

Who’s that guy getting beaten up ?
She let him spend the night. The guy in the shop. 

Tee Woo & the fishy. 
Why did they bring his sister for ? I take it that’s a bad thing. 
What’s happened to his dad then ??

She TOLD them !
He’s still got ppl on his side ?

Ugh that sux. He can’t go to his sister. He In. But at least she’s with the good guys. I can only be certain coz they look like police or something. 
Yoo Jung got kidnapped. By a fuckin ‘giant’ ! 

Where will he take his sis sfter picking her up. 
Aww dont cry bby 😥 It’ll be alright. 

What does that guy want with him ? The one who’s got Yoo Jung. 
Finish what exactly ?

Lol. The way he threw the diamonds 😛 They rained down like sparkling snow. 

He has a thing for blowing places places up. 

I’m totally forgetting this is TOP here. Hello ! Choi fuckin Seunghyun. 

Almost over & I ‘still’ haven’t figured out the diff. sides. 

Dude ! That’s a sad ending 😦 !

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