What The Fuck


This was at college today

Well I couldn’t be bothered going with to drop someone off, so I said I’d just wait where I was & they’d pick me up.

Soon as they were gone a random guy sat with me. Started asking about the files & shit. I thought he was just messing coz of where we were, it could totally look like a hushhush meeting.

But he wouldn’t shut the fuck up ?! I was starting to freak out.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I stuck my earphones in & got out my phone. Coz no matter what I said he wouldn’t shoo.

He finally left saying he’d message me.

S turned up right after. I’m thinking, couldn’t you have been a bit quicker ? But in a way I was like, Thank God you didn’t see me in the awkward situation. No end of immature teasing would’ve begun.

But then we kept seeing him everywhere for like the next 2 hours ! And he was like waving at my mate & stuff 35f

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