Moon Over Bourbon Street


They say the passage of time will heal all wounds. But the greater the loss, the deeper the cut. Before we know it the time passes. And we are healed.

Perhaps it is too broken to mend.

Marcelus wants his kingdom back. You were always good with words, Marcel. But it’s gna take more than a pretty speech this time.

That calm woman who came to talk to Elijah. Scares me.

Are you suggesting that I throw a party ? Wow, the party he threw.

K: I’m impressed brother. E: Yesss. Now if I can just keep them from tearing each other to shreds.

Thank you. I think I look stunning too. Ugh ! She can stop flirting with Elijah !

K: Don’t tell me you’re jealous of Cammie, love.                                              I thought I was your, respite.

Hailey: You outdid yourself. And you even got Klaus to come out & play.

J: Can I have a minute Hailey ? E: You can have it later. H: Actually, he can have this dance.

Jackson : How can you be thinking about the city right now. He should’ve told you how beautiful you look tonight.

That woman sees Diego & that guy about to pound each other, Boys, at least fight over something interesting. Me perhaps ? 

Shouldn’t you intervene or something ? K: Why should I ? This party just got interesting.

Hailey. Wow, she has a way with words. Managed to prevent hell breaking loose.

Poor Josh. His roses story.

Cammie:  Bruises is such a funny word. It sounds like booze. Do we have any booze ? Lol she’s a funny person drunk.

Still can’t get over how amazing Klaus is at painting 😀

Monique’s face when she sees all the roses Davina did.

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