Haptic Mission S1


Episode 1

The way they filled out the forms.

Hyun Joong’s interview was fuckin hilarious xD He’s got Jun Pyo’s phone cover from BBF Omg ! I luv this already.

Their English is just … ^^

KHJ : Caller Ring. Lol !

Episode 2

Poor Hyun Joong making coffee.
Kim Bum is so professional 🙂 Gets lots of stares.
Jun got scolded for answering the phone. Haha 😛 Him photocopying 🙂 Not a sight I’m familiar with.

Welcome party 🙂 !
Hyun Joong’s mike. He didn’t strike me as the 4D type in BBF. But it is most certainly welcome.

Dam Bi’s performance.
Who’s next ? Random guy: Kim Hyun Joong ! /looks over/

Lol he was too bossy. Asking them to clap a beat, then they’re too fast. They made him change song. I luved that one. Someone got angry.

Him & Jun together ! Yay ! Almost paradise. I freakin love that after BBF.

J: Why aren’t you singing ? HJ: Coz Im not in this section. Bursts into I’m Stupid. SS501 !! That other guy. Lol ! His t-shirt.

Hyun Joong late. Looks like a kid late for class.

Episode 3

Seriously. The two idiots together.
They wont do shit.

Hyun Joong & Jun going to Ever Wonderland. Knew they would just mess about. Texting strangers & betting. Hyun Joong & UFOs. He is weird.

Dam Bi asking random shity to Bum, like his bllod type. Aha, they’re both O 😉

Chased by girls ! Acting like they don’t realize. That ride looks awesome. Perfect image destroyed 🙂 Soulless.

Lion got Gu Jun Pyo’s hairstyle 😀 Haha he called him Jun Pyo !

Like Kim Bum’s luv heart idea.
Hyun Joong just bothering the girl. And His UFO idea is quite cool. 🙂
Like Jun’s one. It’s cool. The first one suits him. And the second, magic eye one is cool too.

Bum’s presentation;  So … You played with dolls ?
Dam Bi’s; Are you hoping for love ? Why so many hearts ?
Hearts, cigarettes & alcohol.

Episode 4

Knew Hyun Joong’s was awesome.

On the pics outside the phone shop …. Hyun Joong is on Jun Pyo’s cover. Jun is on Jan Di’s. Lol !

Bum & Dam Bi just get noticed for looks 😛 People are dazed by them !

Lol, Hyun Joong cleaning. Reminds me of I can clean too. From BBF
Asking about lunch break already, Hyun Joong ?!
Hyun uses self as advertisement. Lets put ourselves at the window.

That woman who’s like, Autograph plz. And he’s all, If you buy it you can take a pic with me, and keep it forever. But she just ain’t interested.

Autograph session to get customers !
Lol ! Seduction much 🙂

Bum: Smiling till my face cramps. Talking of fan meets to Dam Bi.

Hyun Joong’s popular with the guys too.Guy 1:  But Hyung summat summat handsome. Guy 2: Is he hyung ?

Bum’s like, two can play at that game. And starts doing his own personal service.
But Bum didn’t get good comments though. How comes he won ?

Hyun Joong. Yay ! He sold the most. Obvs, have you seen him ?! And he gave pics out for buying.

Ep5 in the morning 🙂

Just discovered this after watching the special BBF episodes.

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