This movie is simply awesome !

Loved it from the start. Just about finished it, like an hour ago. Off to bed now so I’ll be back to write about it later.


I’m baaack !! Now let’s see …

TOP or should I say Jonghun hiding under the table 😀 I seen that in a gif before & I was just waiting for it. I .. have work. I died 3281 It’s hilarious coz he doesn’t even fit under the desk.

The little perv Seungri 😛 And the way that girl just threw herself at Junghoon … I was convinced some guys were after her. But I definitely didn’t expect her to be killed off so quickly.

His reactions are just the cutest. Especially when she kissed him. And that hip thrust after she walked off 🙂

My first reaction to seeing Eunyoung was Daamn she’s a mess. Coz her hair is just so wild.

I love this childish look to TOP 🙂 He looks daayyum 😉

Omo ! Those cops. purposely pissing them off. Naughty naughty kids ! Beat up police 😛

Can’t forget the Titanic part. When Jonghun’s like omg you naughty … I literally died. No joke

I can’t believe he actually did that. He trusted his boss 😦

Minseo 😛 Can’t we just stay at a hotel & send them the money later ? Like, where do you come from ? 35f

When Eunyoung was telling them how her life’s been 😦

When TOP told Seungri he left them alone on purpose ^_^ And the hanky ♥

b60 Basically I loved this b60

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