The Divine Move


How can you do this ? It’s what we do. I was confused at first coz I thought Chris was in Scott’s head, and that’s why he asked.

Chris & Isaac!hug! What Are they saying ? I may be going a bit deaf 😛 I should seriously watch with subs.


Oh I totally squealed at Danny & Ethan’s lil moment on the stairs 3281 But they’re over now 😦

Nogitsune’s bags. It’s so bad. He’s eyes look like .. ohemgee … It’s just terrible 

Oni playing dead 🙂 Lol ! But they looked like they totally fell for it.

All the killing at the hospital. And him walking like a bad-ass in the middle of it all.

M: You’re an idiot. AM: What’s wrong with that ? M: Seriously ?!

In the middle of all this, Melissa wants him to work things out with Scott  35f

St: Did you bring us a present ? D: I brought two.

I hate ninjas 😛 Lol

No ! Stiles !!! I was fuckin crying almost. I would die if he killed himself 😦

Business book ? Chair & desk ? I’m just like wtf … Till I got the illusion thing.

Then it’s all ..It was an illusion ? Scott & Kira getting slashed was hurting me 😦 

Finally !! Them two are here. Thought they’d never get there. The box was for catching the fly ?! I thought there was gonna be another purpose to it. 

Stiles was clutching Lydia the whole time  3281

My God. I fainted didn’t I ?

Oh Aidan ! I’m sobbing with them 33a

Regression to the mean. The things Deaton says.

Derek telling his dream to Stiles ^^ Major fangirl moment b0c

33a Nooo !!! He can’t be dead 😦 The she-wolf that kept coming up was Kate ?!

I don’t wanna wait till June :((( 33f It feels like 3b just about started ! And now it’s over too quickly.

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