Salamander Finale


Even though I watched this show in three days, I really got into it.

Just finished right now & I proper didn’t want it to end b2b

Hope it got good ratings btw coz in my honest opinion it totally deserves it. Even Medical Top Team, I really enjoyed that & was kinda upset when I discovered the ratings weren’t so good. I guess my views were biased on that.

But Salamander Guru should have awesome ratings.

It had me in stitches most of the time. And dying suspense the rest.

My only problem was the amount of new girls popping up in every episode. But then again, they did all fawn over Minho(Minhyuk), so I don’t mind that.

But they could have wrapped some stuff up. Like why Mapo Roopang wanted to acquire that certain amount of money ? Did Gyuseon finally get her date with Minhyuk ? Is Jieun better ? So many little things I want to know 35f

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