Ep 7-10


Episode 7

Let the poor guy have some time with his father. Seungwoon. Why was I glad when the key went with him ?

Agh! I was so happy he recovered 😦 And then it’s gone again.

Minjae’s helium voice … Sho cute

Seondal’s butt dance 🙂 Write your name with your butt, I thought he’d stick a pen in or something.

The fuckin prank they did to get Minjae & Wonsam back 🙂

Episode 8

Uhhhh 😦 He changed his hair

He left her to come Korea to find the killer ?? Min-ha looks freakishly similar to this girl

Cutie Seondal 🙂 Cleaning up

These just happen to be our seats

At least Minhyuk makes Wonsam’s ridiculous orders look believable

I’m a man who cooks 3281

Awww She fell asleep on Seondal 🙂 Minjae joining in

Seung Yeon. Girl or boy ?

M: It wasn’t me. S: Okay, don’t come near me

Poor Wonsam, Falling for a guy

Her stalker shudder that’s scary shit. She looks so different with her hair out. Uh I forgot her name. I was like No wonder her ad triggered his powers

Gyuseon only pops up when they need her. Will the poor girl end up with Minhyuk ?

Episode 9

He said you were prettier than a schoolgirl

Wonsam’s lil stupid lies
Poor Gyuseon. He almost kissed her 32e And of course Minjae comes to save the day 😉

Is that how you ask discreetly Minjae ? Seondal was shitting himself 328

Poor Kyeonga … Shitty bday. And she told herself this year would be fine 😛

Minhyuk 😦 Why is this happening to him ? Guru just goes back to crazy whenever he asks him.

There’s two doors ??

Aaahh … She kissed him 3271 On the cheek, but still … Then she got called away (-_-)

Episode 10

Who is this other Ma poo Roopang ?

Why ? Why will he be in danger

The Guru’s place is the Sea of Gold ??

The way his legs flew up when he fell 🙂

I’m waiting for Taemin 🙂

She seems so serious when talking about Red Light Green Light. But I totally get it 33a

I knew as he said Gyeon Hoon, that it was his other son. He was X

No he cannot get the gold !

He goes to … Taemiiinn !! :))) M: How have you been ? T: Good. Thanks to you . My heart can’t take this ♥

No ! Just leave the fuckin door open ! They just let him escape.

What the fuck was he doing at the hospital ?! I don’t even get why he was there.

Glasses 🙂 Both the Guru and Minjae

Lizard Guru. Lol !

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