Salamander Guru Ep 1&2


Episode 1

I was dying of laughter from the start 🙂 Those two thieves were freakin hilarious. Especially the little one who keeps shitting ! OMFD !!

Minho being such a little stalker 3281

Fuck ! He’s like Sherlock deducting that car investor guy. He like knew everything about him from just watching him 322

Umm … Is it just me or Minho is frikkin hot in this. Like more than usual. Luv the way he’s dressed. And the moody demeanour

Does Minho have photograghic memory or something ? He remba’d the order of the (porn) DVDs

He’s good at remembering things to do with females

Kim Shihoo. He reminds me of somepne a bit. He’s Gyuseon’s bf right ? The one who planned on killing her off & taking the insurance money.

Episode 2

Your face is distracting. Cover it up 🙂 Uh what was that woman called again ?

Those were her sons ?!

The way she stood up to them 🙂 Lol ! Used the stick & everything.

Who took those videos ? Bong’s face reaction when  Gyuseon was all bothered about looking fat & shit. When they took a video of her in the bloody changing room.

Gyuseon likes Minhyuk 322

Who’s Minjae ??

Seondal is so cyute with that kid 328

It was her kid ?!

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