EwwEwwEww !!

We were doing a practical on catechol oxidase in Biology. And we had to extract it out of bananas. But that part was already done for us. Soon as I found out I swear I could smell it so bad.

But the results were nice shades of blue/green 🙂 Except the first one. It was gross. Olive greenish & I’m pretty sure it ponged ponked ? What’s the word ?

Oh and yesterday in Physics we diffracted a laser. With grating. Pretty sick. It reflected everywhere.

But then we had to calculate wavelengths. And we were in groups but there was only the one laser setup. So we were all crowding & jostling around that.

The amount of times people blocked the beam walking past is unbelievable ! At one point I could hear everyone saying something & it took me a good two minutes and a few pokes from my classmate to realize I was blocking the laser 35f

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