I’m being dragged out to a party !

Okay .. I shouldn’t be like this. It’s my mate’s 18th. We grew up together as kids & all.

But she probably changed in the few years we’ve been away from each other.

My sister was gonna throw anything on & go. I’m like Are you feeling alright ? But then I got ready in ten mins myself.

Urgh ! I hardly freakin know anyone here. It’s gettin seriously awkward and annoying.

I hate the songs playing aswell. Their freakin Indian !!

I didn’t even know it was her bday party today & I haven’t got her a fuckin present !!

Okay .. Bit of decent music. Played a snatch of Maynard’s Animal. Oooh and Justin Bieber’s Confident 🙂 And Royals by Lorde – but I’m kinda sick of that.

Haha I got so bored I randomly decided to pop a balloon with a fork. Kinda got everyone’s attention on me. And uh .. Peeps I used to know from primary school are here. Friends .. Kinda acquaintances.

I’ve bern playing my own music kpop so everytime I speak I fuckin scream 333 Lol

Her sis just went up to do a dance with her mate. And now a guy who my brother used to know went up. He’s a mate of her sister too. He sang a song. I proper thought he was gonna dance … But no

Now her sista’s dancin again. It’s quarter past eight. I got here at five. Was rushing to get ready at freakin four !

I kinda wanted to leave before. But didn’t wanna look rude. And now we’ve eaten & shit I kinda wanna stay & watch the performance.

So basicallt there’s this guy who used to live a few doors down from her when we were kids. He used to always talk to us over the fence. We were convinced he had a crush on her. And then one day there was this vid of him on fb. Someone commented asking if he was gay, coz it seemed so in the video, & he replied No he is not. Now we have a thing he might be. He’s here today & he totes looks it. He even danced for us. Shouldv’e heard the wolfwhistles & cat calls 😉

The minute I go here I spotted this guy dressed like an arab. You know with that red thing on his head n all. It’s bugging me like crazy ! I wanna know why he’s dressed like that to abday party, when he is clearly not an arab.

We gon cut the cake now. Then a girls vs boys dance battle. That’s my cue to leave. When I found out everyone had to take part. I’m like Fuck I’m going then. Coz I did actually wanted to stay & watch.

It’s quarter past nine. God knows when the rest are gonna leave. We’ve all got college tomorrow aswell.

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