Real Nightmare


It’s not fair that I still have to put up with this.

My parents are separated for fucks sake ! He lives in another fuckin city ! Why do I still need to listen to them bitching at each other ?!

Argh ! I’m gonna tear my hair out ! When he left I was like Yes ! Finally. But it didn’t last for long. Within a few months he started visiting every weekend.

Can he just get out of our lives for good. I don’t wanba see his stinkin face. It makes my blood boil.

Even just now, he turned up at our door. They’ve been barking at each other for a good hour or so. I didn’t even know he was here till I came to bed & heard them in the front doorway.

It’s two am.

She sent him away just a few minutes ago, after that fight. It sucks that I can say that that was nothing. There’s been much worse. And then she called him back within a few seconds.

Now they’ve resumed bickering – inside the house this time, with the front door locked.

Urgh ! Women ! Can’t make up their fuckin minds.

No matter what, I will keep up a constant effort never to become like that.

I am never getting married !!

I can’t fuckin sleep !! I am gonna kill someone !

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