So in Chemistry, there’s this guy that was my partner, call him SH. Sometimes we’d join our table to the next one, so he’d have this girl, SA, on his other side.

Quite a few times I noticed them just flirting in lesson. Then one time one of the others from class mentioned it. So I knew I wasn’t the only one realizing it.

So started the teasing. Even our teacher, JM, joined in. She is worse than the whole class, I kinda feel sorry for them. Key word kinda.

Then yesterday we were having a little quiz in class, where you get to pick the next person after you’ve answered.

It was SA‘s turn to pick someone. SH blurts out something to do with Take Me Out the tv thing I assume, that it was like that. Coz JM said that SA got the power or summat like that.

JM purposely mishears & goes ‘Did he just ask you out ?’

I can just imagine what their faces looked like. But I didn’t turn to look back coz I was fuckin embarassed for them.

My mate SQ Gosh there’s a lot of S’s here is laughing the loudest, coz she’s just like that, screech-laughing. And she goes ‘I would be so embarrassed if that was me !’ JM‘s like and you think they’re not ?’

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