It’s bad enough having A & C making rude jokes out of everything in Physics. Plus A is in some of my other classes. But when my teacher joins in … My life is over

We’re doing about waves etc. & he had this thing set up to show us. There was this little silver piece attached to the start of the string. And it was pulled over a pulley & weights were dangling from it over the edge of the table.

He puts it on & the piece goes in&out of the device it’s in. This is called a vibrator he goes. I was gonna die on the spot. Thought I was lucky coz no one reacted for two secs apart from me. But I hope I was discreet. Then C chuckled. YLT looks up It is funny isn’t it ? I’m just like Kill me now. Please.

I couldn’t look at it pistoning like that. My dirty dirty mind.

But the actual practical was awesome though. Despite the fact I had a headache coz of the constant buzzing. And I could still here it after we were dismissed.

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