Le Grand Guignol


Elijah carefully cutting Klaus open. Normal people would just shove their hands in without cutting first. In TVD & TO. Not in real life. 

Convince him not to murder his baby sister. I had to rewatch that part coz I misheard & thought he was referring to the baby. So I was wondering who’s baby sis it was. Though I’m sure it’s a boy. They did confirm that right ? Or is that just in my head ?

Sudden moves make me jumpy. And homicidal.

When Michael said he made a few alterations, that was not what I expected. And the audience compelled to enjoy it was just sick 346

Truth be told she was always my favorite.

Another first. Elijah feeding. His veined face 322

When your father wants to kill you. He wants to kill. Nothing can be done about it.

Celeste is properly dead now. Is that why Davina woke up ? I’m glad she’s back 328

Wooah … Shit is gonna go down. The three of them are locked in there till dawn or the next full moon ?

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