Girl Gone


Everyone knows 😉

Damon trying to piss off Tyler. Totally worked ! I was just silently begging him not to go in.

That girl hitting on Jeremy. Grrr 320

Nadia was starting to look scary

This is heartbreaking 😦 Nadia looking for her mother & she’s right there listening 340

Soo … This is it. /tries to run/

BonBon. No need to say goodbye. I’ll see you on the flip side

We’ve already done all that, Kitty Kat

Her goodbyes. Touchingly hilarious.

I was kinda sad when Stefan stabbed her 😦

His face like ‘Woah. What just happened’

Shite! Nice way to go. Now both Damon & Elena !

For a sec I was happy Katherine wasn’t dead. But then …

If I can’t have Stefan. No one can. 

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