First time I’ve been so eager to do a presentation 322

It was in Physics. We had to put our questions on post-its on the board & then pick one we think we can answer.

Lazy ass me obviously picked an easy one. I chose a refraction question; about a lightbeam going into water.

Got to do a practical aswell to show the class. Only thing was .. When I let them come closer to take a look, everyone just moved a lityle bit forward, but A & C came all the way. They were both pressed up against me. I swear I was gonna hyperventilate. Probably would’ve if they stayed there any longer.

Anyways … Popped to City Centre to get summat for Mother’s Day. Coz I know it’s gonna sneak up on me if I don’t do it know. Plus I was out of b’day cards. I keep a stock of those.

Saw these two guys performing. Totally had to stop & watch. People were recording it on their phones aswell 🙂

Got my mom a massive card 🙂

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