The Fox & The Wolf


Shite ! 346 TW never shows gross shit like that. He ripped his fuckin head off. It was pouring out & shit.

Stiles’ face ! When he came to Kira’s dad. Like he’s had no sleep.

More like 900. Alright, sure. Dad, how old are you ?

More like, obsession. So what was that relocation centre place ?

But why this trick ?

But Stiles might.

Thought you liked it when I’m tough. I like chocolate more.  😀 Lol

Wait ! Stop ! We don’t wanna hear your Casablanca story. I was basically thinking along these lines when she was just going on about the two of them. Wondering when the nogitsune would come. I thought it was literally gonna come out of her. 361

Allison’s breakdown 😦  Excuse me ! You don’t know if you can trust Derek ?!

Stiles waving ! Creepy … 346

That cute guy Reece turned into the nogitsune ?!

I’m still kinda confused 329 So … The doctor sold the medicine. So when they got ill there was nothing to treat them with ? And that woman who ended up putting Reece on fire, she was half-wolf & fox ?!

04032014 :-  I’mma be back to update this. Gotta cram for tomorrow’s mock 😦

07032014 :- Fine … So I was a few days late 35f But yeah, at least it’s done  3281

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