I’m kinda don’t wanna say this but … Since the first time I heard this song I haven’t had a nice reaction to it.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful song. But coz of a certain thing I wasn’t able to enjoy it for quite some time.

At the time I had just found out about how Korean men do Military Service. And was quite affected by the revelation. Mind you this was barely a few months into my life with kpop. So at the time my selection of idols was tiny.

G Dragon was & still is one of my faves. No question about it. He’s awesome. So back then he was literally my only bias at the relevant age to go off to serve his time. According to the knowledge I had acquired. I’m not sure anymore, but I had read it somewhere & an age-range had been specified.

So I was living in the fear of one of my biases going off to the army, that early into my time as a kpop fan.

Then I heard Window. You don’t understand what I felt when I heard the words This might be last time we say goodbye. I was gonna cry ! I was convinced he was going now.

It’s embarassing how long it took me to accept it was just a song. I only got over it a few weeks ago.

I can properly enjoy it now 🙂

But I still get a little jolt sometimes when I listen to it.

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