The Casket Girls


Do you know I haven’t watched an episode of The Originals since the ninth episode. Because the site I watch on hasn’t put up a new episode since then. It even says when the next ones on, but it hasn’t since then. So I’ve been assuming it was on hiatus. You can guess my shock when I found out I’ve been missing a few episodes. Anyways enough about me …

Wow ! Someone explain to me why Elijah is out of his suit 3411 Not that I’m complaining … It’s a welcome sight. But he’s hotter in a suit. Just saying

Woo Davina ! You go girl ! The way she knocked out those three. Got Elijah dirty in the blood for what seems like the first time 🙂

When Tim said the thing about Klaus which meant she was obviously poisoned, I’m just there like 322 No ! Davina can’t die !  I thought it was over for the two of them.

Oh come on. The stench of your judgement is overwhelming

Now poor Tim is dead & Davina’s devastated 😦

Rebekah …  Confiding in Tiveri Whatever his name is. Well I guess that’s safer seeing as he can’t talk to anyone else.

So did she come up with that celebration ? 333

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