Episode 20 :(


The Finale

Don’t provoke me. I’m very upset.

Her team operating on her Sob She knows she’s in good hands. Being a cutie telling Jo he looks good from down there 😉 As she talks to them all & sung Woo won’t look at her 😦 She doesn’t seem to get that it hurts him a lot. Then when Tae Shin came & held her hand I’m just there Please … Nothing in front of my baby.

That moment in the operating theater 341 I thought she was gone ! Hiccuppy Sob

That bitch Director almost gave VP a heart attack ! Or at least that’s what it looked like to me at the time. Then she asks Seo ‘Do you know me ?’ & it’s like Shite ! Memory loss ! But it was the same as before. She came & went. Tae Shin was so cute bringing stuff for her to do 🙂

Yay ! Tae Shin & the others want to get Top Team back together !!

Minho in a suit ?? Where’s he going ? I started panicking coz I thought he was leaving. 😦

Lol ! Min Ji saying Tae Shin was gonna cry 😛

When Tae Shin was doing his little speech & Ah Jin’s just coughing to get him to mention her 333

Awww Seo  333 She fell asleep during his confession. I thought he’d pick her up & take her. But he just sat with her. Still cute ♥

The way Tae Shin rolled back in to peck her cheek !!! And her reaction was …. I giggled for so long over that !

Last Bae & Jeong moment 😦 Bae relaxing Jeong before the operation ♥

I’m crying ! I didn’t want it to end. My poor Minho Sung Woo didn’t get any closure 😦 Even in his video call to Ah Jin, he’s like ‘You’ve got a boyfriend to look after you now’. He’s still the same from when the show began. Left with one-sided feelings towards his friend. A friend who now has a boyfriend.

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