Episode 19


So Ah Jin has a brain tumor that causes her to pass out ? I don’t get it … The way she uploaded the wrong CT scan so as not to worry Tae Shin.

What is Hong Song Wook so sorry for ? I’m confused 361

They’re disbanding Top Team ?!!?! Brb. Too shocked

Chief Jang is a bitch ! Trying to transfer Seo again !! Just coz he’s got more authority now Scoffs

Shite ! Tae Shin saw that sheet Sung Woo left behind. It’s Ah Jin’s records 322

Seriously though, poor VP 😦 Her son passed away & she didn’t even know. She was looking forward to meeting him so badly. At first I was like How on earth did she forget being told that ? She just turned up here to meet him, then remembered ages later ? And then she was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia & I’m like Ohh … that makes so much more sense. I knew something was up with her when she was acting weird & turning up in her office when she should be at home but still …

Tae Shin told the whole team before he even mentioned to her that he found out. But Bae & his gob tut bloody Gossip Queen.

Date night !! Wow I never thought he’d ask her out on a proper date.

I think Seo’s idea for saving the team is great. But you shouldn’t have hidden the fact you’re being sent away. He knows you just as well as you know him.

Kiss !! 3271 I totally expected a lil innocent peck on the lips but … b04Then he goes for another one 😉 Damn time those two moved on a bit !

Another Date ! Tae Shin & Ah Jin ! Pfffttt … Taking the day off to play … Her reaction though 🙂 And when he says ‘Tae Shin is with you. Who’d dare to say anything ?’ Ugh ! He’s so sweet to her it hurts me 😦 I’m sorry but I’m still waiting for my Minho to get a bit of happiness. He was the reason I started watching this.

Everyone’s so sad 33f I don’t like it. Why are they getting diagnosed with this in the last few episodes ??

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