Episode 18


I’m having too many feels right now 33a

Ah Jin drinking too much 🙂 Gets Tae Shin all wet when he tries to stop her. But that was their moment Awww. When he says he likes her & she cries Why are you crying like it’s a sad ? Just typical for Bae, Jeong & Minji to pop up during that hug. I was just happy sung Woo doesn’t live there because I didn’t want him to see them like that. It would break him even more. Their faces were hilarious though 🙂 And Tae Shin just holding their entwined hands up when she’s tryna explain it away.

Everyone just congratulates them ! Lol ! It’s like they’re married or something  361 But that guy said it in front of Sung Woo !! Well I guess she finally acknowledged his feelings for her coz she looked at him straight away.

My poor baby just went out to comfort himself *Sob* Then minji just comes up like ‘Why you talking to yourself ?’ Even she knows he had feelings, coz she’s like he probably heard about them.

Omg ! The VP in the operating theater delivering a baby 🙂 I think her younger self looks like a fem!Key. Seriously take another look if you don’t believe me (I’ll upload a pic when I find one)

VP is the president of the new hospital ! Well I guess she got what she wanted. And that idiot Chief Jang is now new VP. Ewww … The way he just laughs off all the congrats. The little suck-up circle when they just congratulate each other 32e

Really Ah Jin ?! You can’t just compare him to Tae Shin like that. And I really don’t think the two of you can ever go back to how you were 😦

Why are you getting so sick recently ??

A tumor !!! 341

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