Letharia Vulpina


This episode is just full of death 😦 I spent a lot of it screaming Nooo!!

Deaton ! I was happy to see him. Ahaha … Just felt like it’s been a while 🙂

That freakin disaster at the hospital 322 ! Wow ! Just fuckin wow ! Personally I think people are quite stupid. In situations like that. They just all come jumping out their cars like … Curiosity is a dangerous thing. But poor Isaac 33a

What the fuck has Stiles been up to ?!

OhMyGod Coach ! Did he die ? It didn’t even show what happened to him.

Peter is a sneaky lil shit 😛 But he’s Malia’s dad ?! I don’t get it 361 Who did he have the kid with ? Her mom was her real mom right ? So she had a thing with a werewolf ?!

The guy that was checking the bomb in that gift box 🙂 Lol he’s funny ♥ Saying he’s handsome & shit. Telling him not to be sick on the potential bomb.

The way Scott freaked when he saw the guy at the station die 340 I felt for him.

But OhMyFuckinDaiiz ! Stiles at the end 322 I knew they shouldn’t have gone in their with him. And he was acting all that time.

Just knew it ! Coz he was fully possessed at the end of the last episode so obviously he wasn’t just gonna go back to being himself just like that.

And Derek’s gonna be alright yeah ? 33f

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