Jung Hoseok


Happy Birthday to my ultimate bias !! /drumroll plz/ Jung Hoseok ♥♥

This babe was my intro to the world of kpop

He is so adorably awkward it kills me 3281

     b68 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY xxx 3281

photo 24

photo 12

The way he can go from all cool&shit to so fuckin embarrassing I just die from second hand embarrassment 327

One of the things I love about him b60



No matter how much of a retard he can appear to be No offense intended at all to my Hoseok ♥ He is just fantastically awesome ♥ Idk what to say even Sob

Have a wonderful day darling ♥ Celebrating with the bunch of idiots that are Bangtan 3271

photo 31

And then he turns into this. Like what ?!

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