When Stiles was crying over the phone 33a I was breaking down myself. But that freaky guy with him was scaring the fucking shit out of me !

Aidan ♥ Nude modelling !! Ahaha 🙂 Lydia chose that moment to hear voices 😛

No matter how many times it happens, she has the same reaction every time. I guess it is quite freaky though.

But how did they not find Stiles & that other guy there ?! What I thought before it was clear it didn’t actually happen. I was gonna cry when he was being dragged by his trapped leg. His screaming was killing me !

Skinny, defenceless Stiles ? 

Oh … But that kanji was etched into that wall though 361 Was he there or not ?

And his bat ?! That happened when ? I get that that was when he got possessed, right ?

Mccall, can you shut up please & accept my sincere gratitude

When that guy was taking off his mask ! I was cowering behind my hand. Didn’t know what to expect. Definitely not himself !

And now he is fully possessed 322 !! At least it will be less painful for him. I just felt so much sympathy for him 😦 Just fighting himself. Well know his real conscious is fully gone (?) I hope so, for his sake.

So Mrs Yukimura is the person behind the Oni ?! And suprisingly her daughter seems to be the one who accidently helped the nogitsune get into Stiles 329

Well that’s enough drama & fucked-up-ness to last me till the next episode. Though I’m actually dying in suspense right now 346


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