BTS Comeback


My babies just had a comeback !! 3271

I’ll be back to rant on the songs … But for now …

Namjoon is blonde ?! I did not see that coming. Hit me like a fuckin brick 322

Oh & Hoseok is really cute as a brunette 328


♫ Intro – My first thought was ‘I recognize this … But how ?’ Then I realized it kinda sounds like the Intro from one of the previous albums 

♫ Boy In Luv – This cute thing you gotta see for yourself 🙂 I’ll add it at the bottom

♫ Skit: Soulmate – I wish I could understand these 😦 I wanna know what they’re on about

♫ Where did you come from

♫ Just one day

♫ Tomorrow

♫ BTS Cypher Pt.2 : Triptych

♫ Spinebreaker – This is doing things to me it probably shouldn’t be

♫ Jump

♫ Outro: Propose

Suga ? Dafuq you doing to that poor girl ?!

And Jin 3281 Just sitting in a locker. My cutie ♥

Kookie gave her the rose right ? Sho cute  ♥-♥

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